Forum Announcement: Simjunkies Financial Announcement
Hello all users of Simjunkies and its servers.

During Simjunkies reign we have been lucky to get donations from a group of people that has kept this place alive and kicking.
Now the account is running on fumes and we have 3 weeks left of uptime.

We have servers for rFactor, rFactor2, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, ArmA 3, IL2 Cliffs of Dover and of course we host TeamSpeak 3 server.

This week and next week and weekend our servers host the SJ LMC where over 30 drivers are free to use SJ services.

Now, if the users of these servers are able to donate just approximately €5/£3/$7 each pr month, we would be good to go all the time.

As the admin I hate begging for money to keep Simjunkies alive, but it has actually come to that now. We need donations to keep Simjunkies operational.

Help Simjunkies servers and sites, like the forum, to stay open for the future. Go to and hit that DONATE button.

Sincerely Cato Larsen
Admin of Simjunkies