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Full Version: Den's Memorial Racing Evening
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Upon special request from the grieving widow Kathleen, I was tasked to invite you to partissipate in an evening of races in honor of our lost simracing-member: SJ_Den aka DenDanger aka AnarchistGarage

Dennis had been struggling with a failing heart but kept on being positive, whenever he could he would do a "couple of laps at Goodwood in GtLegends" .... so, in honor of him, we will do the same, a couple of laps at a time followed by lots of practice!

the venue: Gt-Legends
the date: Saterday, July 22
the time: Anywhere between 7 pm and 11pm GMT
the cars: TC-65
the track: Goodwood by MotorFX
We will vote for the 6 lap-races to start, untill that time, practice just continues.

All are welcome with default skins (Sorry Den), as there are multiple communities he partissipated in, i'd like to keep the mismatching to a minimum so anyone can join in.

Woof ~ Woof & See you next saterdayevening!
Ok dude, will be there 

Thanks for getting it together
Got a do on that night, but I'll get on at some point.

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I'll try to make it.  Salute
Hope you had fun guys and made a good tribute. So sorry I missed it.
If we can do it again I'll make sure I don't puter all day before racing.
Hope all went well, not able to get anywhere near a pc this weekend

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