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  • [SJ]MBMAC: och, if your just bruised ... your not trying hard enough, it's stuff thats broken we want to hear about  :lol: hope it clears up sharpish Tom  :yes:
    Today at 18:35:33
  • [SJ]Michel Vaillant: Bathurst with one hand isn't right... Quick recovery mate. Spectating tonite?
    Today at 18:32:21
  • [SJ]Stein: The wind wasn't that hard m8.. and ehr.. how come we only read about it now?  Beterschap gozer!
    Today at 17:13:12
  • [SJ]The Champ: Fell off my bike last thursday... Stuck here nursing a bruised sshoulder and arm. :ouch:
    Today at 16:57:36
  • [SJ]Michel Vaillant: 35C today!
    Today at 16:39:05
  • [SJ]nescafe37: Ted... Just sent you a PM regarding popping down saturday??
    Today at 01:46:10
  • [SJ]2shedz: gave it the full 15 amp bolloxs
    Yesterday at 22:25:52
  • [SJ]Dunki2001: ?
    Yesterday at 22:14:36
  • [SJ]Dunki2001: 3 amp fuse mate
    Yesterday at 22:14:09
  • [SJ]2shedz: Titty Fuck, where you insert the penis between the titties and squeeze them around it and move them up and down till you cum My girlfriend gave me some jiffy!
    Yesterday at 21:58:14
  • [SJ]Stein: YOu'll be doing this in a jiffy :D
    Yesterday at 21:48:58
  • [SJ]2shedz: :lol: notice the difference Franky boy, the smiley(unlike me)has a smashing set of gnashers
    Yesterday at 21:08:43
  • [SJ]Stein: Yeah, i know.. i know.. as soon as you have your new teeth, your cheeks will rise up and obstruct the view again, eh?
    Yesterday at 19:48:48
  • [SJ]2shedz: :punt:
    Yesterday at 19:25:30
  • [SJ]2shedz: not sure i will be able to drive any better even with new eyes Frank  :D
    Yesterday at 19:24:29
  • [SJ]Stein: Ted gaming with new eyes..... eyewitnesses reported "a big spark came outtof the Ted-residence"
    Yesterday at 19:16:36
  • [SJ]Cato Larsen: Or, you might go outside. Insanely good graphics, though gameplay might be a bit repetativ and boring.
    Yesterday at 19:08:28
  • [SJ]Cato Larsen: Or we might be to drunk and fuck it up, leaving you with Royal Mail as the method of communication
    Yesterday at 19:07:43
  • [SJ]2shedz: :0
    Yesterday at 18:48:18
  • [SJ]Cato Larsen: All these worries will be gone in 2 weeks time mate. All of them, and you might be gaming with new eyes using eyecandy like never before :)
    Yesterday at 18:47:00

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Author Topic: $10,000.00 prize- finale tonight  (Read 351 times)

Offline [SJ]Jett

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$10,000.00 prize- finale tonight
« on: October 15, 2013, 23:57:54 pm »
Ray Alfalla and Tyler Hudson go for all the marbles - including a $10,000 prize, a NASCAR championship ring and a trip to the NASCAR Sprint Cup finale - tonight in the final round of the NASCAR Series World Championship. The 267 lap race at Homestead-Miami Speedway will be broadcast on beginning at 9:00 pm EDT (01:00 GMT Wednesday) and the Motor Racing Network's (MRN) live streaming.
With the 2011 and 2012 NiSWC trophies on his shelf, Alfalla is gunning for a three-peat at Homestead where he has never finished worse than fifth place in NiSWC competition. Although Hudson is looking for his first NiSWC title, he comes to the virtual south Florida track on a roll with a win and three runner-up finishes in his last four races.
Be sure to watch Hot Laps' special preview of tonight's showdown at Homestead-Miami Speedway, then catch all the racing action tonight at 9:00 pm EDT (01:00 GMT Wednesday) on and MRN. In the meantime, to learn more about all of the drivers and to follow the series all season long visit the World Championship website at

People may not like iRacing but $10,000.00 is a nice payday for sim racing.

Offline [SJ]Fred Joseph

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Re: $10,000.00 prize- finale tonight
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2013, 17:23:24 pm »
Did you watch it ?

Who won ?


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