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Author Topic: Noisy G27, no more!  (Read 1709 times)

Offline [SJ]Horus

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Noisy G27, no more!
« on: January 30, 2012, 20:20:25 pm »
 Hi SJ, this is a story of good luck with a twist. The story starts with a young handsome hippie... Sod that.  As you all know I have a G27 wheel, what you might not have known is that it makes A DAMN AWFUL NOISE! If I even go in a straight line you can hear cogs and much rattle and squeak, this was a massive disappointment as the G25 made very little noise. So today I have had enough of it and went on an investigation of what is making the noise, if it was gears or the plastic stop underneath the motors/circuits.

 This takes some time, but I have found a long drawn out method to make them quite and I think a little bit more accurate by removing some of the give in the motor axle.


 First off you need to dismantle the entire G27 wheel, so the tools you will need are :-

A 4 mm hex key (Allan to his mates).
 A Phillips screwdriver small-medium.
 A Puncture repair kit or rubber repair sheet.
 A pair of scissors.

 Now it can be tricky getting everything apart so this is a very well made G27 dismantle guide HERE. Right now you have the little devil completely striped down we need to get into the motor housing and remove the steering column to get to the two little pressure pads that are not doing what they should.

 So you should be looking at this part :-

 You need to take the eight screws out and pull the motors away from the plastic housing. Now pull the steering column out of the plastic mould, it will be a little stiff but a good wiggle and it should pop out nicely. You will now be able to see two white shock absorbers,

 these are the little fellows that we will be modding to our needs. So remove the two little white things and place to one side, clean them and the spring for the next step.

 Now take your puncture repair kit and cut two-four little circles that will fit into the top of the white shock absorbers, into the middle the circles (hexagons if like me you cut little squares and take the corners off) they should be less than 3 mm.

 I put two into each taking the backing off so that they stuck in place. After I had stuck these little rubbers in the absorbers I also stretched the springs a little, roughly about 3 mm to give them a little more push. Once you have finished put everything back together being careful to not snag any wires or cross thread the screws (I always turn screw/bolts widdershins and feel them drop into place, then tighted).

 So now you have your wheel back together Give it a spin, if you want to try it before it is all back together remember to put the black screws back in underneath as they hold the front of the wheel in place and if you turn the wheel on before you replace these screws the wheel will spin and spin and spin. NOT GOOD!

 I noticed my wheel was a lot stiffer after doing this, the noise level has dropped not just the end stop noise but also very little gear or judder noise. I hope this helps someone as much as it has helped my noisy G27.  :bootsy:

 Russell Brand - “If love is something you cherish, it is hard to glean much joy from death, even in one's enemies.”

Offline [SJ]CasparGTL

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Re: Noisy G27, no more!
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2012, 23:14:40 pm »
well done craftsman Horus.

bustin da turbo


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