Anyone ever get GTL to see more than 3 controllers
I saw somewhere someone had posted about GTR2 and this issue. If I read it right they said to set each controller one at a time and go out of the game between and it remembers them. Has anyone else heard of this or have ideas?

I have a button box which adds yet another "controller" so am trying to get this sorted as I really want to get GTL working with my set up. Any suggestions/ideas are quite welcome.
Only bad experiences with multiple controllers on my part, in basically every game. rF2 seems to be handling it sort of okay now, but most others are a bit of a hassle. 
For me, GTL only recognizes 3 devices and I tend to disconnect the others. 

I guess you have a DSD button box too? 
Yeah, I just got it but it seems I can't use it as you said in so many of our sims. I do find AC has no problem with controllers but don't really need the extra buttons ironically since there's no stater or ignition button or anything much extra.  Lol

I just tried that trick with GTL but no luck so will probably just have to disconnect things but what a PITA.  I played around a bit, then just said "screw it" and fired up AC and took the Countach down the Nordshleife. lol.  Lol
Got it working now. YAY!

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