Beyond Dark going into Beta
What is Beyond Dark?

Beyond Dark is a space strategy game set in the world's largest in-game universe with millions of planets to explore. Each galaxy has a unique history defined by the thousands players who fought and allied in the race for survival and domination.
In this unique experience offering real-time gameplay in a universe that never sleeps, players can set their plans in motion and watch them unfold over minutes, days, months and years. Will you dominate through military might and epic battles, or will you thrive on diplomacy and trade?

  • Massive Online Persistent Galaxy
  • Largest Space Strategy game ever
  • Command Colossal Fleets
  • Compete with Thousands of players
  • Use Military might, Diplomacy and Trade
  • Design Ships, ExploreResearch Tech
  • Build your own Vast Empire

tps://goo.glhttps://goo.Beyond Darksr0Nr/msr0Nr
Sounds quite nasty..... how big thousand player battles, can be foiled by a knobhead like me! Rotfl 

Looking forwards to some updates in the form of vids or pics Smile

Woof ~ Woof
I hope that was your referral link, signed up using that one. Smile
Thanks mate! That got me my 5 to get into early beta so lets see what happens..Much appreciated!

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