rFactor 2 gets a boost as ISI announce a partnership with Luminis
I have nicked this from the ISI forums. This is great new for rF2 and the way forward.

rFactor 2 gets a boost as ISI announce a partnership with Luminis

(Chris is at Simracing Expo, so I said I would post this for him.)

September 16th, 2016, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) of Michigan and the developer of the rFactor 2 simulated racing platform, today announced a strategic partnership with the Dutch software group Luminis to accelerate rFactor 2’s development. The partnership will be brought into a new company: Studio 397.

Gjon Camaj, Vice President of Image Space Incorporated: “We at ISI are very pleased to have found a partner that shares our enthusiasm and vision for the continued growth of rFactor 2. We look forward to working with Luminis to expand the reach of rFactor 2 both in Europe and beyond. After having worked with Luminis for some time and seeing their passion for motorsport simulation, this partnership was a natural next step. By leveraging each of our company’s individual strengths, we will be better able to serve our current customers and further expand our reach into the world of motorsports.”

Marcel Offermans, Luminis Fellow and Managing Director of Studio 397: “I am really excited by the opportunities that our partnership with ISI offers; rFactor 2 represents the best of breed simulator platform in the industry. Online simracing has been my longtime personal passion, so the opportunity to combine it with my business feels like a great privilege. By infusing the platform with some of our own technology we see great opportunities to accelerate development in general and specifically in the areas of competitions and training.”

The new partnership plans to release an ambitious roadmap for rFactor 2’s further development shortly; initial plans include improvements to the user interface, a DX11 based graphics engine including VR support and new propositions for strategic partners by the end of 2016, as well as increasing the frequency of new car and track releases.

ISI is a Michigan-based corporation focused on applying engineering expertise to develop a range of simulator products. It is the developer and owner of a variety of software products including rFactor, rFactor 2 and rFactor Pro.

Luminis is a Dutch based software technology company employing 150 developers in the Netherlands and UK. It develops advanced technical software related to cloud computing, data sciences and interconnected devices. Luminis also developed and exploits the Summar.io personalized educational platform.

Studio 397 will have its headquarters in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands and will operate under the leadership of Marcel Offermans.

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Gjon Camaj (left) of ISI and Hans Bossenbroek (right) of Luminis
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I like the new ambitions they set themselves. The new studio https://www.studio-397.com/ looks like an interesting turn of events.
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About time they made a move to bring rF properly up to date. Physics are awesome, now they can achieve same with the rest of the game! Smile
Yes and if they don't behave we can send our resident watchdog round. Headquarters in Apeldoorn.

DX11(12?) is long overdue and I hope they can get some more tracks underway too.
Gets a boost!?  Gets a boost!??!??

How about... "it finally gets finished?"

Like Forsy just said: now you can stand outside theyre offices with a sign saying "get off yer arses and finish the fuckin game"
i guess, it being in my home town, i just might!

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(09-16-2016, 08:01 PM)[SJ]Stein Wrote:   
i guess, it being in my home town, i just might!

Woof ~ Woof

Pictures please. Lol
Quoted from VirtualR.net:

A month ago, Image Space Incorporated announced that Studio 397, a new development studio based in the Netherlands, will take over rFactor 2’s development, allowing ISI to focus on other projects.

Since then, a few interview have reveals bits and pieces of the new studios’ plans, including the switch to a DirectX 11 graphics engine with virtual reality support, more licensed content and more.
Now, the studio has shared some specific details on upcoming additions by releasing their first-ever development roadmap:
Quote:Hello everybody, and welcome to the first monthly roadmap update. A month ago, at the SimRacing Expo, we announced the Studio 397 partnership and since then we have talked to a lot of simracing websites about our plans. Thank you all for your positive and honest feedback. We’ll keep an open dialogue with the community.
Let’s start this update with some of the things we have been working on.
A car we’ve teased before is the USF2000 and we are happy to report that it is almost ready for release. We are particularly proud of this car as we were able to build it with a lot of support from the series and teams so we’ve ended up with a car that is extremely accurate in terms of both physics and car model. On top of that it is also a lot of fun to drive and has become a favourite of many people on the test team.
Our next track release is going to be NOLA Motorsports Park. Both the race and kart track will be available in different configurations. We’ve been working on it for the past couple of months. Most of the 3D objects are done and we’re currently assembling everything in preparation for further testing.
On the development side a lot has happened. In the background we have moved everything over to new infrastructure that allows us to work on new features in parallel, ensuring that they are only added to the next release when done and tested. We have also spent time automating our processes and intend to use those improvements to deliver updates more quickly.
Over the last year we have been working hard in close cooperation with the Stock Car community to improve the rules for oval racing. That work is still ongoing, and we feel we’re on the final stretch now!
Announced a month ago, the development of the DX11 engine with VR support is still ongoing. This is obviously a big project and apart from building and integrating the new engine we also need to make sure that we stay compatible with our existing content. Our current timeline for getting this integrated is by the end of Q1 2017.
We are also moving closer to the first public release that will be Steam only. It will definitely be released this year and is scheduled to contain a whole list of bugfixes and improvements to the codebase. I would like to take this opportunity to invite everybody that is still using the non-Steam version to take advantage of the free option to migrate to Steam. Future updates will start leveraging more Steam features so the only way to take advantage of those is to move to Steam.
Finally, we have an announcement to make. We have secured a license with Radical sportscars and will be bringing those into rFactor 2. With full access to CAD drawings and performance data we can deliver these cars with a very high amount of accuracy. Work on this has just started, but we are very excited as these are great cars to drive and race!

Have to start keeping an eye on this maybe. Smile
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Makes for good reading that.
Mark these words especially folks!
Quote:I would like to take this opportunity to invite everybody that is still using the non-Steam version to take advantage of the free option to migrate to Steam.
Yeah, go to steam.... wasn't there a thing where you lose part of yer license when you migrate?

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(10-16-2016, 05:28 PM)[SJ]Stein Wrote:  Yeah, go to steam.... wasn't there a thing where you lose part of yer license when you migrate?

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It happened to someone here yes, but I think he contacted them and they offered him lifetime for £10 or something.
Not so bad in end.

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