GTL 1963 World Sports Car Championship
That was some sweet piece of racing!

Got into the cortina and hadn't practiced very much, checked out the times of the leaders in theyre chevy big blocks and guestimated that i'd only have to do 26 laps instead of the official 28, due to me being lapped... did a fuel run, found i used just under  4 liters per lap and took a chance!

First lap was precarious, the warning was in the chat: "carefull guys" ... but still as soon as the red lights turned off, there were some bumps and bruises... funnily enough i saw a couple of those taillites laying around from "somewhere infront" .. lol.  As i was in a slower car i was in the back of the grid, so as the smoke cleared and people got more and more in position it was clear to see that some of the boys where in over theyre head and a couple of spins occured in the back, as the leading pack disappeared into the distance. Oddly enough, i sort of got stuck between an Etype and a Ferrari 250, where as they "should" be faster than the tina, they'd get away a bit, but at the next corner i'd catch them again, untill they finally got on the big bankings... next time i'd seen them, theyd be lapping me! hahaha
I did get into a fight with a volvo p1800, but the thing could slither away on the straights every time, oh well.. I picked the cortina as i haven't raced against actual people that much lately, so taking it slow sounded like the right option. In the quali i noticed two volvo's (same class as me) that were doing times about 2-4 seconds faster than i could, albeit me having to warm up to gtlegends again (thas been quite a while)... so i was actually expecting them to be about 3 seconds slower once the fuel was filled up... but nope.. couldn't catch Clive who was racing supreme, his fastest laptime being close to his qualitime, but i could catch the other volvo driven by ehr.. UTi? Tiu... forgot, sorry!   He got into the chicane on the backstraight backwards once, so i could catch him, after that he regained his position, and stayed in front of me.. I started the race with less than a full tank, so i could just fill it to the brim on the pitstop and finish the race. When the pitstop finally came around, i had 7 liters in the tank left... i couldhave done 2-ish more laps, but i had planned to fuel up after 10 laps, so as i was calculating the pits came closer and closer and i swerved last minute into the pits, slowing down with wheels fully locked sideways as to not exceed the pitlimiterspeed... almost crashed into the pitwall doing that.. hahaha Rotfl   As i drove the pitlane, i wanted to hit the lcd display but accidentally hit the pitlimiter and exceeded the speed for about 1 second..... Innocent So there was me, crossing my fingers that i dind't get flagged for it... made the stop, thought i'd try some fresh rubber and a full tank of fuel to sing it out till the end, went on my merry way, only to find mr Etype (Nap) infront of me again a lap later! oh dear... his car looked bashed.. bruised and battered, then a fasty came round and  Nap went high on the banking coming outtof the inner track... bashed into the wall again... he wasn't having his race.   I raced on to the end, changing only from manual shifting to paddles as i got more and more tired and in the end i finished just one second infront of Nap's E-type, in a cortina! yeah, ya gotta love tina, she may not be fast, but when she sways that ass into a corner, there's nothing sweeter to behold.

Who knows, during the season how many times i'll join (hopefull all of 'm) but i found i can only drive tina 5 times... So at one point i'd have to pic another and stick with it for 5 races.. or just make myself crazy and pick others cars depending on how the tracks are. I knew there were long banked straights, so yeah, the corvette made sence and maybe the cobra to keep to the front, but nope... wasn't sharp enough to play with fire yet.   Had a blast and that's what it's all about.

Finished the race with only 2.7 liters in the tank....

Just a shame you couldn't make it Tom, Drokky, others Sad ... it was so lovely playing GTLegends again!  Excited 

Woof ~ Woof
(09-28-2016, 02:01 PM)Geoffers Wrote:  
(09-28-2016, 01:45 PM)[SJ]Stein Wrote:  Any pre-race use of teamspeak then, or just simply show up on the server and yer good to go.

Just show up & race. As we use Cap7's home server we don't have teamspeak. Actually don't think we have ever used it at NG!
 We could possibly accomodate TeamSpeak for you regarding these races? If that is something you want. Just give me the word.
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Glad you enjoyed it Steiny, see what you other guys are missing. Smile

Thanks for the offer Cato, I will be in touch if we want to use it. Hats_off
Sounds like it was a blast. Always nice to hear Tina getting an outing Salute
Hmmm.  Funny, how Steiny doesn't race in OUR GTL races.  Harumph 

Lol Great race report though.

Maybe we should invite some of the NoGrippers to our next GTL AlfaTina, eh Drokky?
(09-29-2016, 11:28 PM)[SJ]HeatCAN Wrote:  Hmmm.  Funny, how Steiny doesn't race in OUR GTL races.  Harumph 

Well, after having seen for years just HOW you race... well... no further comment, your honor..   Doh

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Races 2 & 3 of this series are this Wednesday (Oct 12th) at Sebring 70. Full details available here:

Hope to see some of you there. Smile
E-Type and Tina for me then!
Excited Excited

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Made race 1 and got in the e-type... boy... it had been a long time since i drove her, wow...

It was funny, the track was Sebring '70 and there was me thinkin it was the "newer" version (i know that now!), so i hadda go out and test the track first... yeah, i know.. no preperation means slow laptimes.. oh well!    Turned out the track was completely different from the newer one. This one had big straights and that must have played into the hands of the big blocks even more!!! As i practiced the track i got out the way of a fasty in the ferrari 250, twice... as he lost it a turn or so later he had to do it again at exactly the same corner! ;).. after that, i lost it a couple of times as well. Qualifying went over reasonably quick and by the time the race was about to start i had a rough idea of where the latest brakingzones were. I really shouldhave picked it up earlier... sowwy.. at least i can say i didn't crash anyone, although, i nearly did.

As the race started there was a bit of touching here and there and as i watched on fascinated, i forgot to shift to second gear... also because of my "opponent verhicle volume" was quite high.. i gotta change that for sure!   So as some slid past me, there was a collision even before the first turn, well, multiple, actually. Some of the boys hadn't been paying attention as they hurtled the ferrari into second gear and the rear wheels got unstuck and the whole thing unfolded infront of my eyes... i just dodged and weaved and got the positions i lost back again because of the "car"nage. I kept up with some of the fast guys in the first lap, but as i entered the second lap, i screwed up the 3rd lefthander, going in WAAAAy to fast and i just kept braking in a straight line, off the track, and turned around just before i hit the gate there... So luckely no damage due to that non-sence. But, i had to let a couple of cars go first as it was a pretty precarious place where i'd have to return to the track. Finally got underway again, and of the 18 cars, i believe i was in 14th.. so i had dropped about 6 places with my stupid move! hahaha.. It would promise to become quite a catch-up race.
As i did closed in on the number 13 position, he did a booboo, went wide and i could grab his place.. then there was a tussle  between some other cars... and finally, the "pièce de la resistance" were two Fezza's fighting ... and my etype was closing in on them! especially on the corners i could make up about 1 or 2 seconds a lap, but lose them again on the straight.. unless i could get into theyre slipstream, which happend about 3 laps later... then i did a booboo, braked too late and had to fight my way back again. As i cought them the second time, something funny happend. One fezza slipstreamed the other, and i was slipstreaming both... the back one got out the slipstream and started to overtake.. i stayed in the slipstream of the front one untill nearly on his bumper, got in between the two fezza's and we barreled down the straight 3 wide.... i had a nose on them... and i could brake later... So, with hard braking and trying to get the line right, i stumbled in front of them... but they had even worse corners... so i stayed in front. Still had to concentrate immensely as Not to fuck up.. but slowly but surely as the corners came and went, i could see them vanishing from my rearview.   in the end i was closing in on one other car, but couldn't catch him before the finishline... what a race... 8th position!  Not bad, outtof 18 runners!

Race two i forfeited for personal reasons Lol

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Great write, my man!

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