GTL 1963 World Sports Car Championship
Wayheyyyy, i made it... just didn't finish it!

Had a nice qualitime which put me right around the middle back of the field  (about 17 people showed up, i think) so i was well on my way towards the front of the pack... hahaha.. So many guys that were faster than the 250 gto that i picked, even alfa GTA's could keep up with my snailspace! hahaha  I think i've been playing asetto corsa's version of the nordschleife a bit too much. As soon as i went for the second attempt at qualifying, i took the shortcut, gave it the beans and forgot to brake in time for the 2nd gear lefthander (start of the loop-around, remember, it's the 70's version!)  Anyways.. made a big crash there, but decided to take on all the fuel i could (130 liters) and did another run for quali. This time the fuel i used per lap was 30 liters instead of the 28 i did the previous time... oh well. 30 liters per lap, 7 lap race.. 210 liters..only 130 in the tank.

Race started abruptly, saw my timer start and other cars moving, so it was safe to move off the line (sorry for those behind me, i was sleeping!) and get into the race. Immediately i got passed by another gto and a gta, but he didn't make it fast enough through the first section.. So... racing along, caring about the tires, not overdoing it.. Untill i meet a cobra.. ....aaaand.. gone it is again. Man that thing is quick in a straight line, but quite smokin it's tires in the corners... hmmm oppurtunity lingers for later!  Then i'm basically stuck behind a volvo p1800... well, stuck.. i could be stupid and overtake, but was it worth it, did i feel confident enough yet, .. no.    So waited for the straight to just power down it and overtake from quite  a ways back. Couple of corners later the guy crashed it, and i think his race was done. The race was thinning out pretty hard the first 2 laps, even saw one GTO get some HUGE air.. yes m8, know that spot... been there, done that... but when someone else does it, it's quite the " Lol ".

on lap 3 i was like... hmm if i complete this lap, i'm going in... infront of me where an alfa and the Cobra, that, after making a mistake, charged by me again. Quite funny. As start finish neared i was catching the alfa, but turned out both the cobra (infront) and the alfa (behind it) also had the same idea of pitting.... oh well, might as well make it a threesome, lets get this pitstop done. Another alfa i just passed took our places and raced on, but he too would have to be devoured by pitstop later in the race... So, declined the damage (i brushed a bush/wall) and the new tires, as i hadn't been smoking them up much, and took on fuel.   Fuelfillernoise had ended, but the tank wasn't full yet.. lol   The alfa was off, but the Cobra remained... i ran past him and as i got out the pits, i heard him rev it up... So now i had a cobra breathing down my neck if i didn't get the corners right before one of the straights popped up.  After a few corners i'd lost him and i was like Smile .... then revving up the mountain, shift down for the lefthander, step on the brakes.... just a little bit too late, car gets squirmy and yep... i head off the track. (where, conveniently, a piece of guardrail is missing. Thank you trackmaker, you know me SOOO well!)    As i turn around gently, the cobra has a Rotfl  as he sees me getting back on the track.   So, cobra-chasing time then!   I nail it through most corners and keep him in sight, untill just before that last caroussel things are looking peachy. Then on the lefty going towards the carousel, he touches the grass and spins. I slam it past and Get_me_coat onto the straight!  Hoping he didn't recover too quickly. He didn't and i was home safe.. well.. blasting on the backstraight around the blind lefty with 250kph is quite tricky, slamming the brakes hard and entering onto the main straight. Upon passing start-finish, i see the guy infront of me is 15 seconds away, next lap, 9 seconds away... and i start seeing smoke in the corners... i was definately catching him. Turns out it was an alfa... and as i was getting closer and closer i took a little more risk then i have should.....

and fucked up just before "Mutcurve" aka.. Courageturn... that uphill section is very fast, i nailed the righthander... stumped the curb on the lefthander... got shoved towards the right.. am riding the right curb trying desperately to slow a bit down to regain control and get off that curb.... sign comes up... Boof... i fly in the air... come down, engine stalled... Poof, race over.     

Damn you alfa! Doh   Shouldhave, couldhave, wouldhave.... but just F*cked up....

there you have it... nordschleife, when you think you know, go "oh-oh" 

Woof ~ Woof &  Salute 

PS:  Epic Combo Geoffers!   was expecting the alfa's and volvo's to be alot slower then they were!
Cool!  Smile
Good to see you joining us again Steiny, great race report.Excited

The Alfa you were chasing most of the race was me, was expecting you to catch up before the finish, lucky for me you messed up!!! Doh

Hope to see you at the next round.
I didn't have tags on, and.. on the Nordschleife, it's more or less forbidden to grab for the keyboard Rotfl 

Finished the race then, have you geoffers?    Well done m8

Woof ~ Woof
Round 8 of the 63WSC is on Wednesday December 9th at Col de Joux Plane, this is the first of the hillclimbs in the series.

Full details of the event & notes on how it will be run can be found here:
Round 9 of the 63WSC is on Wednesday December 21st at Bergrennen Unterfranken, this is the second of the hillclimbs in the series.

Full details of the event & notes on how it will be run can be found here:
Round 10 of the 63 WSC series is coming up on Jan 4th at Le Mans. Note this race starts half an hour earlier than normal as it is a 2 hour race & it also scores double points.

Full details here:
Hope i'll be able to join, but not betting on it just yet. Cool trackchoice and racelength though!

Woof ~ Woof
If I'm free I'm there. Smile
it's on for tonight gents!

Woof ~ Woof

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