GTL 1963 World Sports Car Championship
Well done guys and bad luck for some.

I was up against 5 fierce Ferraris and two back and forth running big Chevys.
I had chosen longest gears as I planned to do nice slipstreaming and also not redline tghe block all the time.
On lap one it became clear that all other GTOs had shorter gears and I had to get lucky behind someone and NOT stay alone.
I mad a mistake and was left behind.....
One time I could repass Dominick on the straight with my long 5th, that was FUN!
But I missed Mulsanne a couple times and never could stay with the front troups.
But it was OK, the laptimes weren't bad and on stint 2 I could slowly reel in Dominick, yes!
When we pitted I opted for new tyres and he didn't so I counted on getting him along the way.
The opposite happened! I had somehow lost power and was slooooow on the straight. The rest of the lap I was OK and as fast as D and Geoff as I found out later. But I couldn't do anything in 5th place.
Sadly LADA ended his race so I was 4th.
After my last stop seniordan was well in front so no podium for me.
BUT, what's that? That's Dan! He was all over the shop and looking very unhappy in corners.
Could it be????....nope, I looked at him to much and missed Mulsanne again!
OK, 4th. But then Dan pitted as I knew he would one more time.
He would soon catch me.....but next passage at pits I saw he was still there! OUT!
I got my podium but not in a nice way. But I'll take it.
Friend Steiny came in 4th, well done with the slower Cobra!!!!
Grats Geoff and Dominick, superb driving!!!!!
I picked the cobra, as i thought nobody else would.... So, no competition from div 1... and probably too fast for division2.

As the race got underway i had Clive behind me who was pretty much on pace as i was trying to keep up with the fezza's upfront... i slipped away a couple of seconds each lap untill my first pitstop came around. The cobra could only do 7 laps before it became extremely thirsty, so i made sure i was under the pitlimiter at my stop as i didn't want to risk trying to make a full lap with only half a lap of fuel worth... There were a few tussles whilst the boys got their fuel and such, but most of the times the guy infront of me ran away from me, and i ran away from the guys behind me... all in all a pretty good satisfactory deal. Started in 8th place, finished in 4th due to the demise of others. Lap 26 and 27 i spent coasting towards corners as i had quite a bit of leeway from the guys behind, and if i didn't do that, there was no way i could finish the whole 29 laps with nothing in the tank. 16 liters per lap, i stretched that by coasting and won about half a lap worth!  Good enough for me, finished the race with just 3 liters left. Happy chappy here!

Woof ~ Woof
Good reports guys. Hope you both enjoyed it. I know I did! Lol

2 races at Monza in 2 weeks time if you are interested.

Salute Geoff
Salute Well done SJ meisters
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