[rF2-Race] STCC@PalmBeach Oct.5th 2016
Great racing last night guys, thanks Cato for organising. Let’s get a few more for next week eh?

Pretty happy with race, Qualified first, thought to be fair Jarkko and Cato didn’t bother.

1st to 4th off the grid… Doh  … then spun in the chicane, dropped to 12th.  Angry

Fought back up the field to 3rd behind Cato, keeping him in view, thought never going to catch him.

Then ran out of fuel with half a lap to go…… Rotfl  ….last.
Ah well fun anyway, and the AI cars race really well, defending and avoiding you when required.
Roll on next week.
Team Portly Racing
   Missing Presumed Fed
It was fun even when we were only a few. AI added some decent fun to the mix, and was fun navigating through them. I really do hope we get more people, too damn good cars to go to waste. Little bit challenging to drive but so satisfying when nailing a lap. 

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