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Wow sounds like you guys had real fun. I couldn't make it as I'm away visiting at the minute.

next year !

Had a great race last night, but started a bit on the offside.

My GTL was VERY sluggish, whenever i'd hit a button it would load for like half a minute to a minute and then give me the next menu. As i've had no time to test and i liked the BMW, i thought i'd have a run in that, but after trying a couple of times and wasting basically half an hour trying to get in whilst also fixing my gtl-problem, i basically gave up and went for the dreaded Porsche 914.   As i tried to enter the server, the menu told me there were 9994 minutes to go and in the right screen it sayd "Nothing" ... yeah, i can see that... hmm, i had that with the BMW the first time, and with about 3 minutes to go i jumped back out to reload it yet a second time. Picked the car after a minute..... clicked the big arrow to get going and load the track.... and yet again, nothing happend, just Heatcan telling me i now had 1 minute to go...... when it finally loaded, Heatcan was telling me i was too late to join, then it started loading and it ACTUALLY LOADED straight in!!!!
Two seconds later, the race was counting down..... uhoh.. the boys told me there was a setup online, but since i now was scared of hitting any buttons that could take upto 1 minute to respond, i just checked options if my wheel was responding, checked the setup, upped the steeringlock to about 29, filled the tank up, and as Heatcan counted down for me, i upped the gearbox to where i "thought" i would need it, tried to click the suspension, but there was no time....
as good as a  default setup it is then! Doh    Yeah, i know.. i know... i'm a deadbeat for not doing any practice... but work's been hard and gametime suffered.   SO, back of the grid it is!

Luckely i could see the startlights! Unlike those posers who had everything sorted and were in the front couple of rows Get_me_coat  Lol 

The first two laps i tried to get a feel for the car and spun it 3 times, of which one time, simply popping it into second gear and not revmatching Rotfl  but then i started realising i shouldn't push this socalled "racecar" to it's limit, i started crawling up outtof the deep doodoo i got myself into and actually started to develop a rythm.  Learning the track was no issue however, since i've loved suzuka ever since i layed my grubby mits on it in the first years of gtl.  The only differences i could see with the previous version was smoother lines, and a bit of a bigger warning label on that final chicane, also 180R was a lot less tight, but is still very deceiving at high speed in a car that doesn't like to be pushed. 
It was a very good feeling to finally be able to tame the beast and get to know it's features and faults, the 914 was growing on me those first 10 laps... like a abcess that really needed to be removed, but it was a nescessary evil to withstand the whole 50 laps, afterwards i can always go see a doctor... which i did. I so hated that car, and i wished for quite a while, that although my competative soul kicked in, i actually didn't have to overtake anyone in a side by side manner, as i didn't know how that would turn out... confidence was low, but laptimes were getting faster and faster, getting to know what the car can do under braking, trying not to lock up too much and eventually overtaking our organizer Tony and Eifel. Most of the times i had playertags turned off, so i probably overtook Clive too at some point. (his name popped up once in the last few laps, hadn't seen his name before, so i was surprised to see where in this mismatch of lapped cars he was in... Heatcan suffered a broken car and had to pit, complaining to me as i came round the pit that he'd been lapped.
Then at one point, battle for 6th or something, that the guy infront of me was just about as fast as me, and i could only herass him by taking .2 of seconds off the time he was infront of me... hmmm... then i screwed up again, lost half a second, then i'd gain 3 seconds as he mighta gone wide... he did make me want to go faster and try harder. My laptimes came down from 2.27's to hight 2.25's  though. (thanks Cap) 
Just before halfway i noticed my fuellevel was still at like 24 liters, so i thought i'd just pit and get the one fuelstop and tires over with so i could start afresh and hopefully kick some laptime-arse on track, and spend less time refueling because of not running on empty. (yes i know i have to drag that extra stuff around and it's costing me seconds! hahaha, think of it as reversed psychology) And maybe gain a second or two on the guy infront of me as he's doing his pitstop.
It played out pretty nicely and somehow i got pretty rapidly closer to Cap7 *(it turned out) but as he saw the threat of me passing him, he stepped up his game, pushing his black beauty even further, but in the process creating more smoke, which means less tires and me calculating, that if i leave a trail of smoke, half the size of his, i'd be having half more tires left for the end-battle Innocent .
Well, it turned out the datsun is a beast once you smoke up the tires, Cap started blurring "Waiting" into the chat (which he had no control over we found out later) and i was like.. huh?!   i just turned on my lights, so does he think i'm a faster guy trying to lap him!? but as the light faded away my braking markers like "Blackened asphalt" i turned the boogers off again, but more and more markers started fading, even though the sun was still glistening over some parts of the track, it was getting pretty rough in terms of visibility.
So, two more laps later, lights back on and getting used to the situation.  Then the leaders started passing, and i was trying to plan it so that i wouldn't lose much time, or make them lose much time, i just wasn't confident enough in the car to be  doing outside lines in the first couple of esses, i'd just stick to my lines untill they really got close and then move off the racingline to let them pass. Worked for me, sorry if i held you up. Didn't want either of us to crash in the process.   As i think Geoffers came by i tried to follow, but soon found i missed some speed... but i was still keeping up with Cap somehow.... and we both were closing in on Jeep.   Then at one point, outtof the blue, Jeep pushes it and loses it and Cap and me both get past him.... okay, numbers 4 and 5 now!  Jeep is obviously pissed off at his mistake and starts to close on me again, i make a couple of little mistakes, but then somehow he overdoes it yet a second time and loses time on me again. Then in about lap 38, Cap is getting really squirmy and loses the back end, i slow down as not to not hit him, and pass... yaay, 4th.. But, with a pretty fast driver behind me, closing in as he pushed the datsun to it's limits... but it wasn't to be..  lost concentration a couple of times watching his headlights come closer and completely lose the racingline  (yes, pressure seems to work on me, untill i tell myself to get my shit together again) running over the cerbs, which i haven't done all race long!? Rotfl    
Oh well, start to get back into the rythm and slowly but surely Cap is no longer in my rearview... judging by the timeboard on startfinish (no, i dont use XD) the guy in 3rd spot is solidly in it with 1m40 infront of me, and Cap behind me has probably spun again whilst trying to take the beast towards the finishline as the gap opened up rapidly at one point near lap 44. He was gaining quite alot, to my astoundement, untill his car bit him again... last 4 laps were a breeze... as i came up on startfinish in the last lap a huge burden lifted off me...

Sorry for not practicing Sad ....Very great racing with you all, it's been a blast.   Excited Excited Smile Thanks for the invite Tony!  

Woof ~ Woof

Great report Steiny! Excited
Top report frank. Bet your fingers hurt now. Btw 180r ?  Rotfl Get_me_coat
(12-31-2016, 12:30 PM)[SJ]Dunki2001 Wrote:  Top report frank. Bet your fingers hurt now. Btw 180r ?  Rotfl Get_me_coat

Yeah, 180R... in that porker it feels 50 faster!
180R would be an EASY corner.
Thanks for the race Caspar, although we were only close for a very few laps it was great fun & would have been a close finish had you not got that 2nd S/G! Lol

Hope to see a few of you at the 63WSC race at Le Mans next Wednesday  Smile

Cheers guys & Happy New Year. Salute
(12-31-2016, 04:19 PM)Geoffers Wrote:  Thanks for the race Caspar, although we were only close for a very few laps it was great fun & would have been a close finish had you not got that 2nd S/G! Lol

Hope to see a few of you at the 63WSC race at Le Mans next Wednesday  Smile

Cheers guys & Happy New Year. Salute

Yes, bummer we lost sight of a scrap in the end. It was exciting the whole race, constantly looking at your laptimes and the distance between us.
I'll try to be there wednesday, no promises. Smile

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