rF2 2017 q1
Hi all.

I am just in here trying to pitch some ideas. You can help me out.
How do you wanna see this going into 2017? Should we do complete series in same cars (BTCC and so on) or do you wanna mix it up a bit with different cars each week. Flat 6 one week, GT3 one week, USC, GP2, and so on.

I was thinking perhaps a decent Clio cup would be inviting for new and old. Easy car to drive, but still competative and fun on pretty much any track.
See what we can get from it. What do you guys want?
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I'm happy with anything really, probably prefer something new to start(only really done Clios).
Bit go for majority choice or you decide as you've tested more than most. Baa
I'm easy, though may struggle trying to re learn new cars every week.

I'm just happy to see SJ racin' Excited
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Something new and possibly blue then....
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