Altbierbude adventures
Had a blast round Nords 70's in the Porsche 914GTU
It was the final of 4 Nords races in 4 different Porsches.
From 14th I came in 5th, was a nice race with some good overtakes.
I think I'll move to Nuerburg castle.......
Remember Birmingham Superprix?
We did P&G in Jag Mkii there once.

Tonight was double feature at ABB.
I raced the NSU and then the ....Impala!!!
An unbelievable car, VERY fast!
I hope we will do a series with that on USA tracks.
Both races I finished 12th. bad starts and some mishaps but great fights and ketchup games.
April 1st it's on joke....the Altbierbude 8 hours at Lemans!
4x 2 hour races , part of the ETCC Championship.

Live streaming on Youtube. No live comment this time but I hope it's fun to watch for some of you.
I remember last time when our team was doing well and my last 2 hour stint was good for 2nd place, also because I knew some SJ friends were watching live, even with German comments.
I'm not racing the championship but especially for LM I made a 2 man team called BMWasistlos and we run the famous BMW CSL 3.2 (orange Jaegermeister skin of course, nr 55) just like that time, with the best possible setup made by former teamchef !Dirk who runs a Pontiac Firebird team now.....very fast!.
My teammate is NewNoBee, Norbert Calenborn, Nobby.
We're not going to win but we will try hard to do well. Many fasties have small to BIG weights because they did so well before this event but we, we got nothing!
I will race race 1 , NewNoBee race 2 , me again for race 3 and NewNoBee will finish.
Races will start at 14.00 CET, 1630, 18.00 and 21.30.

When I get the link I'll put it here and in shoutbox.

loite has joined the team......recordholder of Le Mans in BMW 3.2...... Smile
Old mate Uwe Laenger has joined the team!
3 fasties and a gentleman driver.

Qualy is in progress!
loite on track atm

thanks Tim! Livestream Qualy at ABB my team mate loite is on track...
loite brought his setup and Uwe went from 4.33.8 to 4.32.7....
Second place in Qualy is fantastic.
We have no weight penalty and with Uwe 4.32.7 loite 4.33.0 Caspar 4.34.3 and Norbert 4.42 we can do well.
The 3.2 is very quick and tire wear is very good, stable car through 14 laps.
Last testing today.
Have the setup to the max now, had to choose between 3 great ones and tweaked it a bit.
Did a new PB of 4.33.7 and can run 4.34 all stint long. 3 of us lead the BMW 3.2 Le Mans record board so that's not too shabby.
Race will be 6laps, fuel, 6 laps, fuel and tires, 6 laps, fuel, 6 laps.

You never know how race will go but we're looking good for a good result.
Starting on front row with loite at the wheel is a plus, who wants traffic at teh chicanes eh?
Te Pontiac will blast away at the start and probably will take a lead in race one but then.....
The Escort team is looking good too but most teams have one or two drivers who are not in the top times.
But steady does it at LM!

Norbert is more confident now and the team has become a real team in a couple hours last night!
loite couldn't accept that Uwe beat his time so they wwent at it till 1.30! haha, great!
Maybe we stick together for more races this season...but first, LE MANS!

Marcelo: all races spanish comments when he's not drivin UCxB59y4yOoW7Ih2pqB4OCLQ

Hergen: Race 1 + 3 UC9b_MxRHO0hYmI3z68V82aw

MichaW: race 2 UCtM5pQl8PEGiD3a2wI7NRKg
or UCtM5pQl8PEGiD3a2wI7NRKg/live

Ben: Race 4

Live Timing

Server 1

or server 2 (will come later

You can also go to ABB and look right,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,de/

server 1 live
server 2 live
Had a ball at Talladega Oval in teh Mustang GTX or so (Gr.5 IMSA)
Had a lucky break and was in front. Stupid me didn't wait for nr2 so we copuld draftpush away but instead I waited for 5 cars to catch me in a train. Then somone was unlucky and spun out and created havock so we were with 2 again. I knew I was in the wrong place but didn't know what to do.
I prayed for Hooch to send me thelepathic tips but it was too late. The other guy fell back, signaled with his lights and I thought, now why is he doing that...
He FLEW by me and when I wanted to cling on we passed a stranded car standing 90o on the inside!
My opponent stayed cool and I didn't.....DNF over the wall!

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