Altbierbude adventures
(04-25-2017, 12:44 PM)[SJ]Caspar Wrote:  Had a ball at Talladega Oval in teh Mustang GTX or so (Gr.5 IMSA)
Had a lucky break and was in front. Stupid me didn't wait for nr2 so we copuld draftpush away but instead I waited for 5 cars to catch me in a train. Then somone was unlucky and spun out and created havock so we were with 2 again. I knew I was in the wrong place but didn't know what to do.
I prayed for Hooch to send me thelepathic tips but it was too late. The other guy fell back, signaled with his lights and I thought, now why is he doing that...
He FLEW by me and when I wanted to cling on we passed a stranded car standing 90o on the inside!
My opponent stayed cool and I didn't.....DNF over the wall!

OOPS. Jaw_drop

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