[rF2 Race] Mazda MX5 cup @ Mores
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Race 4 at Mores

Track opens: 2100 GMT
Official Practice starts: 2115 GMT
Server password = League Password

Track list:



Cup and league setup:
This cup will start 01.13.2017 and run every 2nd week until finished.
League system will be ran at LIVERACERS. If you do not have an account there, please register and enter the league. This is the ONLY way you will score points towards the season.

rF2 on STEAM:
If you have not done so, we recommend moving your rF2 install to Steam. Steam will be the ONLY supported platform for rF2 now.

Also, most of the track links is to steam workshop. Follow the link, and click SUBSCRIBE if you do not already have this file in your inventory.
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Some great laptimes already. Should be a hectic track this. Short, weird corners, good passing opportunities on brake in....
And some crashes.
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