New fantastic cars coming for GTL!
In German but the pics all throughout the thread don't lie.,com_fireboard/Itemid,99/func,view/id,94675/catid,34/limit,25/limitstart,0/lang,de/
While rFactor racers are waiting for the Historic GT & Touring Car mod to come out, GTR2 players can get their historic fix now – With scca9181’s GTL Mod that brings all GTL cars to GTR2. From Porsche to Mercedes, Lotus to Corvette, this mod has everything a true historic racing fan desires. Unlike the upcoming rFactor mod, the GTL Mod is pretty much a straight conversion, only a few details have been changed.
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The new LMC mod is released! At ABB we just did our first race at Watkins75.
Porsche 907,908,917 all L and K versions
Ferrari P4, several versions
Ford GT40

When you're in the zone it's just like McQueen at LM!
Very drivable (at least the 907 was) in default setup too.
There will be a 6 race series in the summer........
Thanks Cas.

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