[rF2] 2017 races and some information
Hi all.

As we know, rF2 will go DX11 and some updates will occur in that state.
I have no idea on how mods and older content will behave, but they should work after the update.
In any case. Here is some information now that 2017 q1 is closed and q2 on the way.

1. The next rF2 league will be:

British Renault Clio 200T Cup.
All tracks will be UK tracks. This season is due to start in couple weeks. More info and setup will come.

This will also be my last league. I am now handing the pole back to Jarkko, whom I took it from some 8 years ago.
So Welcome back to organizing Jarkko. Thank you.

I am going to be massivly busy forward it seems, but I will make some posts about that when things are more settled. Anyway. Thats it for now. I will post up information about some funruns in the coming weeks until Clio cup starts.
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Nice one Cato, count me in...
All good Cato as long as you're enjoying what you do. Thanks for all the hard work. Salute
Great news and welcome back Jarrkovich! Excited
Excited  New season and old face back in the fold..... Excited
Team Portly Racing
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