Tips and tricks for Space-Truckin'/ Elite Dangerous
Hi all,

i thought it might be time to get some tips and tricks out there concerning the making of money in a non-violent, or least violent way to get to buy that second bigger more powerfull ship and all of it's upgrades! By Spacetrucking!

Where do you start with spacetrucking? well....

I'll start with my biggest trump-card:   Slopey's Best Profit Calculator!

You can get it here:

It's basically a spreadsheet program in which you can enter your start-spaceport, end spaceport and find what items to take to the other one and back.... but, that's the least lucrative way... the best way is to find out what your ship can actually do. You've probably seen somewhere in your ship (hint, right panel) what jumprange your ship can do (or in outfitting!) and that all your components, that you buy and add to your ship, will result in a bigger or smaller jumprange.
NOw then, Slopey's is basically designed to use your information to it's benefit. On the right hand side, you enter the current amount of money you have, the amount of Cargo hold space you have and, the Jumprange of your craft!

What i do to find something out:

I alt-tab out of the game into slopey's BPC (Elite:Dangerous is pretty darn stable when it comes to alt-tabbing, kudos to the makers!!!!)

I just hit "current" (which enters the current system you are in into the searchquery (top left))   then i hit search! That's it... well.. ok, sometimes i do fill in the current spaceport i am in.  After hitting search the thing gets going, most of the times. Sometimes it just doesnot want to as it's just busy parsing an update, and you just have to wait a little or just redo your information. The program is not perfect, but it's very, VERY helpfull.   Most of the times that something odd happend to it, was usually my fault. I entered something manually and it didnot want to have anything to do with me i guess?!

Once it's done searching, a list comes up with usually a whole lot of stations on the left, then a bit more to the right you can see which goods you can carry to where.  It also calculates how many of the goods you can carry, so always keep your cash in the top-right updated.

Oh, and one thing i wasn't aware of up untill a week or so ago:     Check in the ingame right panel, what it costs to replace your ship. In the event you either crash into a planet, get destroyed otherwise, you need to "buy back" your ship. And all your cargo will be lost, so you'll have to rebuy that too!   When yer in the small free sidewinder, you will start back at 1000 credits, but once you have a newer bigger ship, which you might have updated with say: extra cargoholds, a beamlaser and a warpdrive interdictor, you might want to have that "re-buy cash" on hand..... So keep an eye on that, you never know what will happen on your spacejumps to other stations, always keep some of that rebuy-cash handy!

What i always do with slopeys, is go to the column that says "Unit Profit" as thát is the one you need to keep an eye on. Click on the Unit Profit itself and make sure the bar on the right is all the way up, so you can see the highest unit profit of the whole lot, and then do some planning. You can actually set slopey's to do a "return run", but usually it pays to do the whole slopey thing again on the station you fly to first. Maybe, just maybe you run into a "trucking-profit-triangle". What's that, i hear you think... well... a triangle has three corners, right?   So think of the corners as spacestations, maybe corner number 2 has something that can be taken to corner number threee, and maybe  corner number three is in reach of- and has something that wanted in- corner number 1!  Now that, is usually one of the best tradingroutes. It could be hard to find, but it's not impossible.

A good profit per ton is about 800-1200 credits... that is ONCE you have the means to pay for the "more expensive" cargo's. In the beginning you'll end up buying and selling scrap, biowaste, or like Dunki:  Leather (no, not for his gimp-suit The_gimp)  But with the lower end of the cash scale also comes a lower profit, so expect something like 300-600 that you might make per cargospot. You gotta trade your way up! 
Dunki (and Ollie) had a cash problem, so Dunkster asked what he could trade... So i entered the starsystem where he was in, entered the starport... and entered his cargoholdspace and credits... Slopey's came up with the Answer for me.... And Dunki probably thought i was doing something magical whereas i only entered the information and slopey's did what it's designed to do:   Help out!

As for slopey's... i've traded up and did minimal of bounty hunting, i did do some Bullitinboard missions, some mining, but i've made most of the credits by trading.   I've come from a sidewinder, advanced to an Adder, then got into the cockpit of a Cobra and now i'm the proud owner of said cobra and a Lacon 6. Oh yeah, and i still have my freagle.... or Free Eagle, that i got for pre-ordering the game.

To compare the various ships i've had: The sidey had 8 cargospots (yes dunki, i sold my discovery scanner and put cargo racks in it's place!... Thanks Jimbo, he came up with that tip!) the Adder had about 16 spots, the cobra i got upto 40 spots and now my Lacon 6 has 104!!! cargospots.     And once i'm upto enough million, i'm buying the Lacon 7, which should be able to carry around 250 tonnes of cargo!!!  Considering the triangle i'm running now near Ongkampan, i make about 300.000 in 15 mins if i just cruise along.  Beware, that gets boring after a while, so i searched different challenges. Was hoping to catch up with dunki, but i cant see him in space yet.. i would have loved to help him get some cash in bountyhunting, by softening up the targets, dunki then gets to kill them off and get the bounty.

Another thing i use every once in a while is the "trade helper":

You can find it here:

When you get that bullitin board mission asking for a special good, you might have trouble finding on your own within the time needed, you might want to whip out the trade helper.  Somehow slopey's doesn't like to find items as good as it finds prices!   tradehelper knows where to get stuff, and also tells you in what range you might expect to find the goods. It's very helpfull!

Shawn pointed me to this... it's a tool to help you determine what your ship can do. You just fill in all the data you have on your ship, and it'll spit out all sorts of info. Might be helpfull in pimping your ship.    The idea of the Game is to also have your ship in order.... to have it updated to the highest (A) -standards. Just remember "Class D" in upgrades is lightweight, "Class B" is heavyweight.   The more your upgrade is towards the A, the costlier it's going to get.   To give you an example, if i'd want to upgrade my frameshiftdrive to A-class.... it's be coughing up 1.6 million credits... As it's an essential tool to "go futher"/jump a bigger distance. It's upto you how far you want to take the upgrading stuff.... only to find out that you have to jump 3 or 4 extra times because you where a cheapskate in the upgrade-department! hahaha
Oh.. and Dont forget to SELL THE UPGRADES once you are looking at buying a new ship. When you buy the new ship, you dont have to search for the items you want, you can just "Buy Back" at the top of the list of upgrades. Pretty handy when youve got that killer-weapon on your ship and you want to have it on your new ship as well!

Anyways, this could help you determine the right course for your ship.   Filling in the details took me quite some time the first time, tbh.,7tw7tw5QG7cl0mI0mI,2-506u6a5K4s5K6k,0727Ro07203w4wE03w

Hmm... having read the entire piece untill now, you might be wondering what terms i have just thrown at you.... you might have figured out that a Sidewinder is not only the missile that sits on a jet-fighter, but it's a spacecraft... well... here's some more terms on which you can click and actually see what the hell it is. I guess i got carried away a bit, and forgot that also newcomers are going to read this, so here you go:

See any ship you like?   Jaw_drop

Ok, what else... hmmm  Jump routes!

Shawn and Jimbo have been at the forefront in this game and i owe them alot of credit for theyre informationcraving concerning this title. Shawn's also a golddigger when it comes to the Elite Dangerous Forums, he usually comes up with interesting articles that might be helpfull, or are just plain funny to read.
Anyways... here's another helpfull tool (that i haven't actually tried myself)

The way the game itself is setup, the galaxymap ingame will let you chart a course to another starsystem, but it's usually jumping more than it actually should, and it's got a limit to how far you can actually lock to systems! To help you take the shortest route in the least amount of time, there is this tool:

Just fill in the blanks... and i guess it'll spill out the most direct route for you to travel on.

(Yes Shawn, i know.. but i actually LIKE to plan a route and find the shortcuts myself... btw... how do i get access to Sol?)

If you have any more tips and tricks, do please share to help others out!

thanks for reading, i hope my illaborate gaggling helped out someone!

I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for my fellow (and more daring) Elite Dangerous Commanders Jimdirt (Jimbo) and Instg8r (shawn), they taught me all i know in ED. And Ah yes, Hellfire, ofcourse, SJ_Hellfire, you've taught me that i didn't want to start with Bountyhunting! You shouldda heard him when he got greased! That kept me from daring m8! hahahaha There is however a great deal of cash in bountyhunting, but ya gotta know when to quit and actually claim your bounties, or else, with your ships destruction, they also disappear and all your work will be for nothing.

Woof ~ Woof

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So whats with that proggies issue not seeing Ongkampan? Do you have to add new systems manually that it doesn't know?
(03-02-2015, 03:32 PM)[SJ]smackz Wrote:  So whats with that proggies issue not seeing Ongkampan? Do you have to add new systems manually that it doesn't know?

It's all manual. The info has been loaded by other players.
Damn, thought it extracted game data. Any that does? Wait does this work by the client updating a server with everyones log files?
Nope. FD don't allow anyone to scrape their server data.
I have been noticing that on the bulletin boards there are contracts appearing that require commodities that the station you are at already sells. Something of a donation then. Patterson station wanted fish and coffee for example.
So BEFORE you buy the next load of cargo to haul, check the board! If you are "full" the contract will be unobtainable. Simply buy the commodity after you accept the mission then go back to the board and "give cargo". Easy Quatloo's!


2 more tips;

1- If you have a "1 week" bounty on your head jump in a cheap Sidewinder and let the cops kill you. Pay off the legacy fine and you are clear!

Thanks to Hagakure for thinking of this! It will forever be know as doing the "Haga"

2-There are stupid contracts that require "stolen" tonnage like fish, beer and coffee. Instead of wasting time hunting&killing for the common commodities simply head into space with another player and "eject" the required cargo for the contract. When you scoop up the other player's cargo it will then be classed as "stolen". Make sure you DON'T select "eject and abandon". Smuggle it back to into the station and you are done! (aka. "the Forsy")


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