AC F1 2017
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Heatcan has been sniffing around various mod for AC since he got his new PC and found this little gem.

This mod has been done by these guys here:

Tom suggested that I try it. Its a pay mod but only about 4 euros so I thought why not. I must say I'm well impressed. Salute

The sounds and car looks are fantastic and the physics are top draw. We did not waste any time and got going round Silverstone Wing GP.

I was in the McLaren Jensen Button version and Heat was in the Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz version. You need a skin file for the current team colours etc.

DRS and ERS add some extra things to thing about whilst racing. Heat did a video of some of the action  from our test session.

Crank it up to 720p : 

If you like F1 then check em out. Maybe we could get a server up for some fun.

These guys at race sim studio has not long released a F1 79 mod that looks great too but I have not tried that yet.

Links for cars etc.  (cars) (2017 Skins)

Let Us Know What Ya Think Salute Dunki
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