Assetto Corsa 1.1 beta1
My Assetto Corsa downloaded this patch just now.

1.1 beta1

- Fixed tyre fake shadows in slowmo replay
- Improved AI
- Added custom head movements per car (driver3d.ini)
- Driver helmet/head now cast shadows in onboard camera
- Added custom weather selection
- Improved Pedals App
- Rendering performance optimizations
- Particle rendering optimiziations
- Render Stats form now features units
- Added "final" damage for high speed impacts
- Added quality settings to replay that allow up to 4x longer replays
- Fixed driver shift preload animation at race start
- Fixed camera car not using FOV value
- Fixed AI choosing wrong (slow) tyres
- Updated FMod to 1.05.12
- Tweaked exterior reverb parameters
- Tweaked envelopment values for some sound events
- Improved positional surface sounds
- Fixed wind and tyre rolling noise
- Fixed doppler effect for rev limiter and horn
- Fixed FOV in mirrors, now editable in system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini
- AI race starts greatly improved
- Fixed wrong shadow resolution when moving through F6 camera car cameras
- Fixed graphics not following dynamic track grip levels in Multiplayer
- Fixed "fast" height evaluation for validating setup ignoring tyre pressure
- FPS caps is now compatible with the new 1ms resolution timer
- Suicidal server admins are now a protected species and not allowed to kick themselves anymore
- Adjusted fuel consumption for most of the cars
- UI now understand fuel range relative to car and track and adjust maximum race lap count automatically for quick races and race weekends against the AI
- Added 4WD simulation in drivetrain.ini
- Added live axle suspension geometry
- [DATA] section in aero.ini is now obsolete and must be eliminated. HEADER=2 is mandatory if damage is used.
- AC now support multiple configurations on circuits
- A to B gameplay options for hillclimb tracks and specific circuits that support.
- Tyre pressures can now be shown in digital_instruments.ini
- Limited static weather situations can now be selected from the UI. Weather is also moddable.
- Time Attack now has a global multiplier that controls the amount of time available for the first checkpoint.
- Customizable TrackIR rotation range.
- Chat window now supports full Unicode charset
It was accidentally leaked, so not quite yet. Smile
Yeah, I saw that at VirtualR.  Lol

I know mine just updated today since that and it seems the cogging issue for the G27 is much improved. Once I set it using the M3 GTR2 for slipping using the clipping app, it's MUCH better. YAY!!

Makes me happy as I really like AC. I waited and waited before trying it but am glad I did. It's also the first sim to get me too actually LIKE driving the flappy paddle semi-automatic transmission cars. I never bothered much in pother sims but in AC for some reason I find them fun. Sounds? Feel? A combo? I dunno. Just makes me grin.  Rotfl

I am SO looking forward to the laser scanned Nordshleife! E30 awaits too....... Lol

EDIT: Yeah. Definitely gone. I been using AC last night and just now with the BMW Z3 GT3 and the street M1 (Doing the career but setting up ffb clipping beforehand with a lap of the Nordschleife.) and vibration is no longer there. Cheers to Kunos!! 

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