Hi boys!

Last night both Marc and Me encountered gamelockups as we came outtof the resource extraction zone, near Gerst Gateway. Is anybody else having this issue?


What's the best gun loadout to defend one's Lakon Type 7?   (yes.. i've got some credits to throw at it now!)
What the best way to defend oneself against raiders in the Lakon 7 when one is fully equipped?

in other words.. how can i haul full loads in the Type 7 without having to worry that it gets shot from under me (again!)

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Well I can't help you with your questions Frank, but I do have a couple of my own.

Question 1
So far with my humble Sidewinder, I've managed to amass a total of 71,298 credits in fines Rotfl . I seem to be doing rather well in that respect. There is a time entry to the right of the panel and the longest time entry is 6 Days, 18 hours and 38 minutes. 

So, if I stop playing for a week, do all my fines go away?  Dunno  Smile

Question 2.

I wanted to buy my Vulture and to that end I went to the Anlave system, Hogg dock carrying legal cargo to sell at the market because I know the shipyard there has the ship I want.
No issue so far. As soon as I entered the system I got a wanted tag - I have no idea why. Anyway I managed to dock without issue. I sold off the cargo and took another job better paid but a little er, shady. I exited the station and got away by the skin of my teeth with all and sundry (including the station) blasting away at me. WTF?? Jaw_drop  Obviously I can't go back there in a hurry. No idea why. Now, as above , if I stop playing for a week does all that crap go away? Or is there a hack/cheat/ploy to get rid of the wanted status?
Hmm.. good point.

Fines can be payed in the spacestation, with the local security office Lol 

Why you are wanted?   well, you pissed off someone in a starsystem that is under the control of a certain galactic power, which has multiple starsystems under it's wing.   Just means that, if you've screwed up in one starsystem, you roam around and find another starsystem that is controlled by the same faction....


I'm pretty sure you can pay the fines in ANY starport to be able to roam more freely, but i'm not sure about the wanted-level going away after a certain time. .. might be.. might not be..   Roll_eyes
I can just picture you now, boosting the hell outtof a spacestation that has it's guns trained on you! lmao

and about that "not playing a week" .... you are too far in now to quit cold turkey... Rotfl

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Oh, I thought fines were automatically deducted from your total earnings. Silly me Roll_eyes . I didn't realize I had to trawl through yet more damn menus and micro manage to pay them. Ok. I know now.

As to pissing someone off, I don't know how. All I've done is shoot at anyone with a wanted tag for anyone who asked me to and tried to do an honest day's smuggling (generally failing, hence the fines, Lol) and I've even tried the piss poorly paid legal jobs too.

Well boosting away from that space station might have looked funny to some, but what would have been funnier would have been the look on my face and sight of me announcing loudly,  WTF, WTF!! Rotfl Rotfl Rotfl 

As for not playing for a week, well it might make the fines go away. I can no longer afford to pay them after buying my vulture, Lol . I just buggered off to another system instead.

Yeah the little Sidewinder that got me into all this trouble has now been relegated to Taxi duty. All it needs now is a yellow paint job, Rotfl  It's a bit like the Top Gear "Car of Shame" on the specials that no-one wants to drive.

I must remember to cross off Anlave from the list of systems to go to. They don't seem to like me any more. Never mind, it's a big galaxy. Lol  I wonder if it's possible to get banned from the entire galaxy?
You'd probably be the first one to find that out.

You can do the missions and support a local faction... once the support has reached the "boost" phase, the faction will be on your side, turning the spaceships that are loyal to the faction into a colour on your radar... in case of emergency, they will    "might"  help you. (just not during interdictions... duhh)

The shooting of Wanted ships:    i haven't tried that for myself yet, without the help of a Kill-warrant-scanner.....    this little device is aimed at an enemy from a distance, and collects data from the (currently) 3 factions and, once the ship destroyed is destroyed, gives you even more money for that specific kill.    It's like you go to your local sheriff's office, grab the wanted poster... but that scanner will look into sherriff's offices around the country to see if this particular guy has done some bad shit anywhere else! I also personally think, not based on any (virtual) reality, that the killwarrantscanner sort of gives you the go ahead to shoot at someone without vindication afterwards... as long as the lasers only hit the target, and NOT, i repeat NOT, anyone of the ships who are assisting to take down the (wanted) bad guy... as that will give you a wantedlevel in the first place.

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(07-26-2015, 10:43 AM)[SJ]Stein Wrote:  You'd probably be the first one to find that out.
And to that end you can add the "Tara" system to "Anlave" as the second system I'm wanted in Rotfl . This time I know why. I got interdicted and as such I got my guns powered up. If the guy interdicted me, well he wasn't going to do me any favours was he?  I got him lined up, targeted and opened up.  As his shields went down I then noticed he was a federal Navy ship Jaw_drop . Oops. Well he wasn't going to let me off with a warning now so I finished him off and now I'm wanted for murder, Lol. I managed to get away with about six of his mates after me. I don't mind not going back there. It's an arse of a system in the back end of nowhere. Lol

(07-26-2015, 10:43 AM)[SJ]Stein Wrote:  You can do the missions and support a local faction... once the support has reached the "boost" phase, the faction will be on your side, turning the spaceships that are loyal to the faction into a colour on your radar... in case of emergency, they will    "might"  help you. (just not during interdictions... duhh)
Doesn't sound too reliable to me even if they are "on your side". Hmm, If you support one faction then that turns all the others against you. That powerplay stuff doesn't sound like too much of an advantage. I'll stick with being independent.

Ok so it looks like I need a kill warrant scanner. I'll have to go shopping again. As for not shooting the bad guy, I think I found that out with that Navy ship. Mind you, he interdicted me! So to me he was the bad guy, lol. They don't interdict you to pass the time of day over a coffee do they? Rotfl Top and bottom of it is: if someone interdicts me, they're going to get blatted if I can point my guns at them and to hell with the consequences. Lol
Space, beware of the riv...
Damn right. Just trying to mind my own business y'know. Rotfl Rotfl

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