How does AC do add on skins online?
 I was wondering about this as I can't find it on the AC forums or anywhere else.

Is it like Race07 and iceRacing where if you use a skin and the server does not have it that it reverts to a default one without messing about everyone else?

Or is it like GTL/etc where everyone needs to have the skin or it causes a server mismatch?

I ask also as I have a LOT of addon skins in my install and would want to know before I venture online as I can't even recall which are the default ones!  Rotfl
Not very well I suppose. I have no idea.
They should look at rF2 on how to handle custom skins. Better way of doing that has never been done. Fantastic.
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How do they do it?
You not tried it?

Go in game.
Choose a car, click tuning. You have a chance now to click "Create Dir" down left.
Game makes a new directory for you in the DATA folder "rFactor2 Data\UserData\player\Settings" 
Lets say you chose number 2 car in The Seat Leon mod. it would be called \rFactor2 Data\UserData\player\Settings\SeatLeon_EuroCup_2014\2_BRICHE

Paint your skin, save it as DXT5 interpolated alpha, all mipmaps ( or as many as mod say if it says any)
Call it anything you want just as you are UNDER 10 letters and have alt in the word.
Drop it in the folder, go in the game again, choose number 2 car, click tuning, switch skin with arrows.
Now, you can click "create from", name you driver, name your team and you have made a virtual car. Finished.

As long as the server is set correct, all people will now see your skin online, they can DL from server if they want even.
There are tutorials, but skinning cars has never been easier. Sharing has also never been easier.
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Sounds good.

So AC, skins mismatch then? 

Thanks for that. I removed my cars folder and doing a file check thingo through Steam to install a default one then for online. Cheers and thanks! Off to bed for me now whilst that does it's thing. Smile
I noticed at NoGrip the ALOOG guys have some personalized skins so I assume they remove them whenever you guys race. What a pain eh? I'd have thought AC would have advanced beyond GTL in that way considering they've tried to build everything else on what we've learnt over the years. I guess they just never thought of it and missed it although I'd have thought add on skin compatibility would have been an obvious thing.
I know this is a bit of an old thread but I thought I'd chip in....

Personalized skins don't work on public servers unless a slot is reserved for you serverside.

The only way they will show online is if the skin (name) is loaded onto the servers entry_list in the same car slot as your GUID.

Here is an example:


This is usually only used in league races. The actual skin file itself does not need to be loaded onto the server, however it's sometimes easier to copy and paste the name of the skin folder.
You and every other driver on the server must have that skin folder on your/their PC, otherwise it just displays the default skin which is white.

Example path (car specific): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\mercedes_sls_gt3\skins\Personalized_Skin_Name

It's similar to R07 in that respect, the only difference is, it must be referenced in the server entry_list.

Hope this helps Smile
Immensely. Thanks.Hats_off

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