Maybe it's time........

it's been a while, a LONG while since I did anything skinwise. I been thinking of doing something for AC, just not actually doing it. I been feeling better lately than I have been so thinking maybe it's time to get a skin for the contest at AC ready. I know nothing will come of it but a good excuse to get cracking again! Plus skinning helps me stay active when I'm too tired to "drive". Lol

And so, a hint of things to come?  Lol 


I know add on skins can't be used online but what the Hell? Eh?  Smile
Worked on it some more but I keep forgetting about it!  Rotfl it's been so long since I did a skin and between being tired and still somewhat muddled mentally I keep forgetting I'm doing this at ALL!!!

I am thinking I must move that rear logo from the spoiler to the bumper though.......if I remember....... Lol


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