rF2 Seat eurocup series R5
[Image: Seat_Euro_Cup.png]

Practice 2100 BST 30 minutes

Qualifying 2130 BST Superpole

Race 1 2200 BST 15 minutes

Qualifying 2 2220 BST Superpole

Race 2 Directly after qualy 2

Server password for race: sjseat
[Image: sig_tpr_zps4746a0e0.png]
We will be racing the ISI Malaysia North Loop v1.58. Download via the launcher if you have an older version like 1.42 or similar.

Be sure to get a couple laps in for practice. It will make your friday night race so much more fulfilling.
[Image: sig_tpr_zps4746a0e0.png]

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