RaceRoom Experience FFB Guide
Inverted FFB:

Enable it if your wheel pulls in the wrong direction.

FFB Intensity:

Adjusts the overall strength.


Filters out peaks in the FFB, for example when driving over big kerbs.

Increase it if you think your wheel makes too much noise over kerbs.

Decrease it if you think the FFB feels washed out.

Recommended setting: between 0 - 50%

[Image: 264-8372ff8a2dab2b6cb81426368322f9ac.jpg] 

Steering Force Intensity:

Adjusts the forces generated from cornering.

Increase it to make the wheel stiffer and to get more feedback when the car is oversteering.

Decrease it if you experience clipping.

Recommended setting: between 100 - 150%


Controls how light the wheel will get when understeering.

Decrease if you loose force too quickly when entering a corner.

Increase if you can´t feel the grip loss when entering a corner.

Recommended setting: between 50 - 100%

Vertical Load: [Image: 267-38093c7b858f1f143d4ba24ec4cf4aae.jpg] 

Controls how strong vertical forces on the tyres are reflected in the FFB. 

Mostly used to feel bumps on the road.

Increase to feel more details of the driving surface.

Decrease if bumps are too strong.

Recommended setting: between 100 - 200%

Lateral Force: [Image: 268-c2cea15796fb1acb2856ebf35a0cc330.jpg] 

Controls how strong lateral forces on the tyres are reflected in the FFB. 

Increase to make the wheel stiffer.

Decrease if the FFB looses too much detail (clipping).

Recommended setting: Between 25 - 75 %

Steering Rack:

Choose how much of the lateral forces are calculated using the steering rack of the car instead of the tyres.

Recommended setting: Personal preference

[Image: 262-329124725ed205dd3eb2c94fb5429888.jpg] 

Engine Vibrations:

Intensity of vibrations generated by the engine of the car

Decrease if there is too much noise in the FFB

Increase to get more feedback from the engine.

Brake Vibrations:

Intensity of vibrations generated by braking. 

Kerb Vibrations:

Adjust the amount of vibrations resulting from rumble strips (2D kerbs)

This setting does not affect forces coming from 3D kerbs (use vertical load & smoothing to adjust that).

Shift Effect:

Adjusts how strong the kick from shifting is.
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