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Ok guys, i got a question about assetto corsa mods:

Whenever i install a mod, for instance a car, i put the folder into Steam/steamapps/assettocorsa/content/cars

How do i get the sounds to work?   Is there something i'm missing?

That Fiesta and the driftmod i tried to install, seem to have corrupted my AC right now though.. Not even a regular car is working, lol.  Oh well, just veryfying files, then we'll see.

hope to get some answers, as it feels like this is a whole new ballgame/modgame.

Woof ~ Woof
Sp mod rar should have extracted 29 separate car folders you drag into the cars folder. all have the sp_ prefix. Inside each of those should be 5 folders and a bunch of other files. Tracks have 4 subfolders and files in them.

Watch that mod rar's don't extract to a "double" named folder. ie content\tracks\cadwell\cadwell\4 folders, 2 files

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