Welcome to "Elite: Dangerous"
HI all,


In this thread i want to introduce you to the title "Elite: Dangerous"

Elite: Dangerous also referred to as ED, is a spacesimulation that is pretty new to the market of gaming and it's already got one hell of a fanbase.
Last December this title came outtof the Beta-stages, but it's still beeing worked on as we speak, updates are quite regular and the development team actually listens to the community, be it that they are still at the helm of this space-sim. It's quite a clever little sim, but to keep it simple, i think it can broken down into a few sections.

it's a massive online world (but you can play in your own little private galaxy with AI's) where you get to meet friends and enemies, counter asteroidfields, spacestations and a growing love of ever bigger spaceships... what am i on about... well.. why dont you first have a glance at the E3 release trailer:

The Main objective of the game?   Make credits/money!

There are multiple ways of achieving this in the game, but when you first start you get your free ship and are sitting in a starport... then the fun starts!
Get into your Starport Services and have a look around.

There are a couple of ways to make money, but i guess, instead of writing all this down, there are actually people who have made very nice video's on youtube... so Pardon me for typing a little less, here you are, sit back and enjoy!

I hope you are liking what you are seeing.    Right now the team at Frontier is working on making flying together as a group more feasable, think about it.. An example:  your star player has a huge spaceship, hauling cargo across the galaxy and you are his wingman, making sure that nobody pirates your load... if he tries, you jump on him and tear his ship into little chunks!!   There's loads more that is beeing worked on, but for me, this is the best thing i've heard so far.
I've been playing this game on and off since december 16th and it's still alot of fun to play. My route was to go trading, i've started with 1000 credits (like everyone!), and worked my way up a couple of ships (more cargospace!) and am now the proud owner of a lacon 6 transporter, it's the smallest of the Lacon series, but it will cary 104 tons of cargo. (compared to the 4 tons on the default ship, which, if i remember, can be upgraded to 8 tons) It's costs just over a million and right now i'm well on my way to getting the Lacon 7 (still at least 2 million to go.. lol).
From what i've gathered, going hunting is the most profitable.... in other words:  Go bountyhunting!    That way you will learn exactly what your ship can and cannot do, might you have the balls for it... hahaha As sometimes you may encounter something you'd rather not poke your puny lasers at.... and it'll eat you up alive!
So, carefull what you wish for! hihihi

What i've done so far in the game:

I've traded in the  "Commodities Market" , first on my own, but it had a bit of a steep learning curve and after a couple of successes, i ended up with 3000 credits, only to make a foolish trade and loose a quarter of that again! doh.... So, since then i've used "Slopey's ED BPC or Best Profit Calculator", a very helpfull trading tool. (in the coming days i'll try and make a thread with explanations about how to use it) In that program i can set my current spacestation and enter my assets (money), my cargospaces and my maximum jumprange... yes.. you make alot of spacejumps in this game! Then i just let it search the best profit for me and i try to make a route for myself. In the best case, you find a triangle route that gets you profit on all three axis of the triangle. or maybe even a square, if yer clever enough!

I've also done some mining.   You get yourself a mininglaser on one of your hardpoints, and get yourself a refinery (the bigger, more slots,  the better) and you find yourself a "resource extraction point" or ring of a planet. Or, just scroll across the galaxymap, look at a system and look for asteroid belts... in the description (once you click on it) it hopefully says something like "metal rich" (as that's the one you should go for!).. then once you reach the asteroids, deploy your laser and your cargo scoop and start chopping away at the rocks!   Bits will fly off, target those bits and the cargo-scoop-automation will start to blip, fly towards the chipped rock and scoop it up using the screen in the middle (left of the middle, the cargoscoop-view). Once you've caught the rock, you have to refine it on your right screen. As one rock can consist of several metals, you basically decide which metals you  are going to go for... anything under 10% is a waste of time to gather.. as by the time your asteroid is "dry" you wont have enough of the metal to make 1 tonnes (which get transferred to your cargo hold, after which you get to define what you want to refine again).... it's profitable, but it takes time... you get to learn just what your ship can do with manouvering to get the bloody rocks in your cargoscoop!
Once yer adequate, or maybe even on your probation as a miner, you can get scanned by passing ships.... Some just scan you for your "wanted level", if you've been a good boy, nothing is up.... however, if you have been a bad boy, they will chew you up untill you return to theyre system and pay the fine to get the bounty off your head! lol... but you can also get scanned by a pirate who wants to loot you for your treasure! So, again.. you either retract yer mininglaser and cargoscoop and run like hell, or you switch to guns (and still retract yer cargoscoop!!!!) and engage the mofo.... When he is destroyed you will probably get a voucher, which you can turn in in certain spacestations to make some more money!!!    So staying and fighting pays, but if you get your ship destroyed, you gotta start over again.

Elite Dangerous also has a very sophisticated Economic structure. Because of trading materials such as certain metals, or even biowaste, you take stuff from one place, and take it to the other... at the receiving end, they probably use the material to make new goods, or just recycle the old ones...  Just have a look at this chart, it's pretty elaborate:


With that "handbook" i had my first go at trading.. i wasn't very efficient, but maybe you have more luck than me! Smile

It's best to play this sim with a joystick, even better, if you have one,  would be a "Hotas" system, that way you would have enough buttons and would not have to take your hands off the controls any time during flight... (i combined my G940 flight stick and throttle, with the pedals from the G25 so i can sit comfortably in my racerig)

Here's my setup:   (i'm flying/racing with  a projector, so the wall is my 126" screen! The 24 inch monitor you can just see, usually sits to my right with Slopeys and Teamspeak on it!)

[Image: Grotefoto-GMBMXHUF.jpg]

yes, i know...  i'm a basic timberer, but damn it feels nice to fly with this setup! Lol

Anyways.. i hope i might have enticed you to take to the virtual space-skies and join our little group of Spaceship- Commanders

-So far on board are: (as far as i know!)

Membername      / ingame playername
SJ_Smackz         /    SJ Smackz
SJ_Jimbo           /    Jimdirt
SJ_INSTG8R      /    Instg8r
SJ_Marc Loucas /    Jovin Tealk
SJ_Hellfire         /   Hellfire8
SJ_Cato Larsen  /   Cato Larsen
SJ_Stein            /    SJ_Stein
SJ_Dunki           /     SJ_Dunki

-Ingame we've joined the private- Group  INSTG8R     ...  which means that we, on occasion, get to see eachother, or ride together... yet the online part of this game hasn't evolved yet to the point were we can actually help eachother out when in peril.
We had multiple groups going before, but we found Shawn to be online the most in this game, because he either has to invite you, or when you request it, he has to add you to the group, so we can play online together and not be bothered with the rest of the world jumping in. So you should be able to learn in piece and quiet... against the AI's..
Come and visit our little group and we'll teach you the ropes in this game.

Here's a couple of words to get you on your way:

Frameshiftdrive     :   Basically your warpdrive to jump from system to system and travel from planet to planet inside the system
Interdiction           :   You are merily on your way and get intercepted by either someone who is curious, or a pirate who wants to kill you.
                                You can either hit yer boost button in the opposite direction or deploy your guns and try to get the SOB.
Starport                :  Huge spacestation where you can dock.... just dont forget to "ask permission for docking" on your left screen ;)
Docking                :   Actually landing your spaceship once you've went through the mail-slot.
Mailslot                 :   the Narrow door through which you have to slide your spaceship through, remember, the bigger yer ship the harder it gets!
Landing Pad           :   Once requesting docking, you get assigned a certain number of landing pad... find it and land on it.. make sure that the yellow-footpath
                                is on your right and the landing/docking help arrows are actually pointing the way your cockpit is oriented
Oops                     :  Familiar term for screwing up
Anaconda               :   when you get interdicted by this baby...... the only option when newby is to RUUUUUUUUUN!
Sidey                    :    the Sidewinder spaceship, the one you start with.

A list of spaceships, both current and still to be released can be found here:


I do hope i've given you an impression of what exactly IS "Elite:Dangerous"

See you in Space, Commander!

Woof ~ Woof & Salute
Just had a good laugh at Yathzee:

Thanks to the carpentry shop at work, I am now one step closer to space!
Still have to bolt it to the rig and the X52 to the shelf.
Excited  Excited  Excited

[Image: IMG_0212.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0211-1.jpg]
Excellent Forsythe! We have great cookies Smile  I use some decent sized countersunk screws on mine and they fit perfectly. I will pull one out if you want so you can get an idea of size.
Please don't pull anything out to show me its size. Lol

Here is some in game footage of Marc and Shaun;

Oh man Forsy...... No   yer doing it again!

What you ask?  well.. yer making fun of ppl playing a game, that in your heart, you really want! Smile Lol 

Little birdy told me that you've been wanting to get this game since before X-mas! Innocent 

I'm very much looking forward to bountyhunting with you, softening up targets so you can give 'm the killshot and make money a bit faster than i did... we've helped eachother along so far, and now for the "newbies" Shawn came up with that "softening" or wingmanning.... and it's awsomely satisfying.

Anyways.. dont be a stranger, like you did on farming simulator, i really would love to see you online.

@Cato-san:   Will you be joining us one day?   just asking m8ey, the more the merrier!

Woof ~ Woof

(you can always mute me, man! Lol )
My "almost" fully A spec'd Cobra. Just missing the last FSD and a better Scanner.
[Image: Screenshot_0016.png]

My lovely Urban Camo complete with my Rank Decals
[Image: Screenshot_0017.pnghttp:]
yeah, Good point putting up those screenshots!

Here's some more

Jimbo strutting his stuff (gear down) at me Innocent 

[Image: Grotefoto-8AFDXKRT.jpg]

Shawn (Instg8r) in his Cobra (left) and Marc Loukas in his Sidewider (Sidey, Right)  grouping together for a screenie

[Image: Grotefoto-TZW3SGHC.jpg]

Woof ~ Woof
I wasn't making fun of the game Frank. I had told Marc and Shaun that everything about this game is like space crack to me.


(02-16-2015, 08:35 PM)[SJ]Forsythe Wrote:  DOWNLOADING NOW!!!

Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited Excited

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