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Little look at what's coming in 1.2

Dropped out a little early but it made for a nice shot Bennyhill

[Image: Screenshot_0025.pnghttp:]
well guess I screwed myself loaded up and thought the game was updating but it was the beta option for those that have the beta access. Don't know if you have a choice of which to run after it gets done installing. Guess its no real big deal though as everyone else gets it in 2 more days, if they keep to their word. Doh
Well Jerry, so far they've kept theyre word (that is, to me... a pre-order idiot!)

About your previous question... or what i think the answer could be:

B(est)P(rofit)C(alculator) by slopey's relies on the actual users updating the information from starports. The way i think it should work, is you docking in a spacestation, then going into commodities market, then alt-tabbing into the BPC and hitting "Grid-update (existing data only)", hit the drop down on the right of that window and click on the startport you are in and hit "Save data"  and let it do it's thing. (even after it says "data upload completed" it still needs a minute to reset itself for your input... at least, with me it seems to freeze for a while, sometimes as much that i just decide to close and re-open the program.. )   After it's all done, you should be able to hit "current" again. At least... like i said, that's the way i "think" it should be updated by all it's members.   I wouldn't want to go through the "full manual" adding of prices as it would require you to alt tab the hell outtof this game... or are you better at remembering data as spaceports, items and numbers?  i'm not.. hahaha

Hope it helped.

Woof ~ Woof
It was all good, the launcher had the option of which version of ED to start. Guess today it don't matter though as it should be update day. Still screwed though, got my type6 woohoo! In the excitement and upgrading process I wasn't paying attention to how much I paid for a couple things and promptly burnt my acct down to a little over 2k. Soooo...gonna have to fly quietly and sneaky, no screwin around for a couple hours.
YeeHaw!!! Just bought a shiny new hauler last night. Time to make some Quatloos! Excited
Nice 1 boys!

I met up with Marc last night... he's been doing the triangle a bit... and came up on deck with this mammoth!    Last time i saw him he was in an eensy wheeny Sidewinder... he sure as hell traded up fast!   Jaw_drop 

[Image: Grotefoto-KAHIFQ6N.jpg]

[Image: Grotefoto-MB8Y6FXB.jpg]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that IS a Lakon Type 7... the one i've been wanting for quite a while... the damned thing can carry about 250 tons of cargo!!!! NOw that, is a cashcow!

  And here's Marc Going into Hyperdrive:

[Image: Grotefoto-GLPCIOOA.jpg]

[Image: Grotefoto-ZJU7BL4M.jpg]

[Image: Grotefoto-HG4DEBQH.jpg]

 Hope to meet some more guys this weekend... I still haven't been able to see Forsy nor Dunki... hope the other guys get to see them.   I know yer out there, it's just that the connecting to one-another, although we are on eachothers friendslist, and actually seeing eachother is a hit and miss... The only thing i can think of, might be the routersetting UPnP should be set to "ON" ... but that's about the only thing i can think of.. Dunki checked, i think.. his was on... Oh well, it'll be good in the end.

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Congrats man!

I've finally got my big Type 7 transporter... and nearly lost her in about one and a half hour... due to beeing cheesy/cheap.  Got interdicted after i upgraded my frameshiftdrive... got away with just 1347 credits damage.... then as i was heading back from a "safe" run, i got interdicted again... tried to get the hell away from it, but it shredded my shields in one burst, then bursted the hull... then the thrusters went offline.. then.... "Eject-EJECT-EJECT" .... Booooom!.... Doh    

I thought the 17 million i grinded so hard for, all down the drain... came up short on the insurance by 200.000 so i thought i'd lost it all.. but i got a Loan!     and i still have the ship... but i was back at 1000 credits.. Thats'not gonna buy me much, so, sold off some of the Huge cargospaces (64x) and got about 700.000 back in the bank again.. then some more selling and i got it insured...Cuzz i still had to go back to 72 ophiuchi where my Cobra is housed.... So, with a lot of sweating and praying i went back to 72.... Then on comms, just as i enter Gerst Gateway, Marc asks me "Frank, yer awfully quiet..."     and the whole story came out...

So... if you EVER want to buy a ship very desperately and have no money left for running the ship, it is called "Doing a Jerry"   ...

But "Doing a Frank"   is... Buy it, equip it with cargospots and no defensive stuff...... fill it with cargo, and have no decent insurance to buy your 17 million credit-costing ship back! Doh

Anyways... all is well in Cobra-bounty hunting land... Already spent my first 500.000 in bounty's on the first upgrades on the Type 7.... yessir, it's going to be sitting there looking pretty for me, i might take her outtof the station to show off... but she aint gonna jump to any Star any time soon!!!!   hahahaha

Untill that terrible Boom, i did have fun with it... it's massively big, with 218 tons of cargo... it's just wow... but it cant turn for sh*t.

The bigger the ship, the more money you should have to upgrade it proper... The Basic Setup just wont do.

I've learnt my lesson, although i might not have written it down properly now... hahaha..

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It pleases me to report that the "wing" update works pretty good, there's still some hitches in our thinking, but we're pulling through. At first it was hard to find eachother, but with the right amount of coaching by Marc it all worked out in the end.. So that Jim could find us too, so we had a 4 man formation! (It was so awsome that i did an all-nighter and got to bed at around 6 am.. and nope, forgot to take screenshots...)

But here are some screenshots anyways:

Oh yeah, forgot to post this one.... the Type 7 i nearly destroyed?   Well, i "just" had enough money to pay for repairs that one time i nearly blew up Roll_eyes 

[Image: Grotefoto-HLAWJNNS.jpg]
(but no money for gas! hahahah..    still had the cargo holds full btw..)

I had some bounties to claim in the "empire system", here's me docking at Peter's Station in the Liaedin System:

[Image: Grotefoto-TCBMVGMQ.jpg]

Then later in the evening Forsy came online and we hooked up!

Here's Forsy's Type 6 in the background, getting ready to take off, with my Cobra Mk III in the foreground flying protection detail!

[Image: Grotefoto-I6OD8TIX.jpghttp:]

here's Me and Forsy hanging out, and Marc blasting past!   

[Image: Grotefoto-PM68VRME.jpg]

Ready to attack with our three-ship Wing!

[Image: Grotefoto-7OWEZ8TV.jpg]
(yes, i've got the mercenary-skin... came with the pre-order, i think)

And here's where Forsy's zig ... shouldda been a zag....    (He boosted into this Asteroid! POOF!    Rotfl Rotfl  )

[Image: Grotefoto-SGJ7O4RQ.jpg]

Aint this a pretty sight?

Peter's starport from the outside!

[Image: Grotefoto-6QJJAZGD.jpg]

Have a good flight guys, thanks for the fun last night!

Woof  ~ Woof

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