Welcome to "Elite: Dangerous"
some footage from last night!

Low quality, and no mic recording from me.. lmao

ED just informed me that I was the first to discover 6 belt systems in Col 285 Sector HM-U B16-0 B!

Bonus quatloos =0 but my name is on them now! Lol
I just bought a T9!!! Named it Teneil. Excited
The Godel conflict zone is working again! But they are much harder targets than last time. Excited
Just bought me a Python. I shall name her Petra and pray I can get it home because I DO NOT have the rebuy... Balls

Pic of my new sexy lady. Now I need to park her until someone comes up with a decent trade route for her...

[Image: Screenshot_0054.png]
Marc and I taking our "big girls" for a spin

[Image: Screenshot_0055.png]
Wow boys, the girls look awsome!

Or ehrm... am i looking at your already antiquated ships.....   Keep them screenies coming or i'm not going to return home to play with you guys!

Woof ~  Woof
Here is my new 154million quatloo Anaconda.......named it "Snake Plissken"
[Image: Screenshot_0061.png]

[Image: Screenshot_0060.png]

Excited YeeHaw!!!
I put 189 tons of various rare goods in it and went on a 450lYr trip to sell them off. Made me 3.2 million!

You would have loved the two "community goal" warzones Frank. They had a one week time limit but we finished way faster. There was area's with constantly 30+ ships and all of them dogfighting! Teaming up with Marc in his wicked Ferd was so awesome. It was everything I could do to keep up with him. But I soon got the hang of it and finally ventured out by myself into the high intensity conflict zone. I swapped out my cannons for lasers so I could spend around 2 hours out killing. Having 10 shield cell batteries is what then limited my time. I once had 4 "Friend-a-conda's", 2 Pythons and 4 Eagles all shooting enemy targets with me, alone in my little Cobra. We were like a pack of 11 Piranha eating everything that appeared. It was quite a sight to see 10 ships shooting at the same target from all directions. But the AI suck for aim so Marc and his "flying purple people eater" was honestly faster then all of them combined!

The bounties you earned from killing went towards a community total that had tiers. Each tier reached (around 2.4billion) gave you a better reward bonus when the final top level was met. At one zone I made 7 mill total in killing and got a 10 million quatloos bonus and a 10% discount on the Anaconda for my efforts.

The third "community goal" involved commodity trading and just happened to be next to where I bought my Anaconda so I did some trips from Ridley Scott and made a quick 3 million quat there too! It was interesting to have a global goal to fight for. I think it was also a bit of a stress test for the servers too. There was some warping of ships when we were linked in a wing, and one zone broke completely for a day or two. But for the most of the time it ran smooth. I can't wait to see what the come up with next!
Sounds very sweet!!@!!!
Smile Smile Salute

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