Welcome to "Elite: Dangerous"
I have bounced a Anaconda off of a sun. Noob in a 340 million quatloo ship! Lol

You won't ever need a cargo eject button..... Unless you intend on throwing your imperial slaves out of the back doors as a combat countermeasure.

Like this;

There is a common SJ procedure for being interdicted;

ZERO THROTTLE AND SUBMIT TO THE INTERDICTION, throttle back to full, flip 3 pips to engines, boost, boost, boost, then jump back to hyperspace. (aka. "The Sir Robin" )

If you submit you will be a lot cooler after being pulled from hyperspace, meaning the FSD recharge rate will be quicker than if you fought the 'diction. Interdicting someone not only damages your ship but keeps it hot once you come out of frame shift. Also the enemy will have to put power to his weapons instead of engines, so you will be faster than him as well. All combat in ED involves disengaging to recharge or repair at some point. Learning early to choose your battles will go along way to staying alive!
Good tips there boys. 

Mind you I'm having trouble upgrading my Ed install. 

Get stuck half way on syncing files.. Checked my connection with speed test and all seems good. 

Any of you boys having troubles?
Server issues for all. They are looking into it.

Oh Ok, cheers chris..
Ollie just got his new Saitek x52 for Elite Dangerous.

He said he wanted to do an boxing. So here it is. Excited

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OOfff. Suits you sir, suits you. 
Ahh so fresh, so clean Ollie!

Careful with slamming the rudder twist. The pot in it is a little weak.

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